6.0 Fuel Mileage

6.0 Fuel Mileage


I have a 1999 2500 with the 6.0, I get about 12-17 on average, when pulling my 5th wheel (about 11k lbs) it drops to like 6 mpg


Shoot thats not bad, my dads 15 gets like 12 unloaded but hes also got a lead foot


My 05 got 10-12 around town, 16 on highway @ 55-60 and 13-14 @ 65+. I drove pretty gently around town, if I was in a hurry it didn't seem to change much. The highway speeds I listed are with cruise set. Towing 2000 lbs @ 70 mph it dropped to a steady 10. There is almost zero flat ground where I live so take that into consideration.


I have a 01 2500 with the 6.0. Around town and I live in a pretty busy area I get about 10. When I’m driving highway I get between 14 and 18.


My 03 1500HD with the 6.0 gets 14-15 on the highway with the cruise set at 65-70.


2003 6.0 2500HD 4L80/4.10 gears and 33" tires I get 12 with my high top cap, 14 with nothing in the bed, and 13 hauling my sled on the sled deck. 10-11 hauling 4-8k on a flat deck bumper pull or my boat.


I dont do much highway driving. My trip computer says it averages 10.2, I drive an 03 6.0 It should be noted that I have 33's on it


Also, added a bed cover and didn't get any changes to gas mileage


My 04 4 door long bed got 8mpg.


Depends on what kind of tow truck is hauling it …. The f550 hauling my 08 got 7mpg…. 🤣🤣🤣


Like 8