Who is your favourite Dimension 20 character of ALL TIME!!

Who is your favourite Dimension 20 character of ALL TIME!!


Bud cubby the anarchic postman from fantasy high. “laws are threats made by the dominant socio-economic, ethnic group in a given nation. It's just a promise of violence that's enacted and police are basically an occupying army, you know what I mean? You guys want to make some bacon?”


I was wondering if anyone was gonna say him. What a character. What a twist.


The whole cubby family is a trip


Bill seacaster. I love that feral pirate captain!


Him fully killing Gilear for sleeping with his wife and then giving him a sword and saying that he respects his wife and wants her to be happy in the next round is truly the embodiment of a chaotic alignment.


I love the part where he’s convinced that Gilear has to kill Fabian so that everyone is “even.” And then messes it up and declares them even when Fabian kills Gilear


I have them stay in the barrel in case this happens And they stay in the barrel until it does


Looking back and remembering that was the first season is crazy. Brennen brought out such amazing, memorable NPCs right out of the gate.




But who's gonna protect *my* bones?


Dear DemiG, I'll take care of your bones. I'll be the Watcher of Bones. I got your bones on lock. Love, Markus St. Vincent


Sooo rogue, absolutely love it!


Kingston Brown from *Uptown*


I love when Brennan does Willy's voice and says that.


Same! The bass in the voice makes me feel the **umph** of the title


Yup. Kingston's my fave PC. All the characters are great, but Kingston's the one I'd want to hang with. Too many favorite NPCs to choose.


I mean I kinda have to say Rick Diggins I mean, COME ON, he’s such an insanely good character, from the performance to the backstory


Lego man in a dinosaur costume - "How nasty do you need it?"


This! Justin took a neat character idea with infinite comedy possibilities AND managed to make him sympathetic too


Which version is your favourite?


The um... last one (I don’t wanna spoil it)


My man about town!


Rick Diggins (plural)


Arthur Aguefort, without a doubt. Mostly because thinking about him moving the sun makes me laugh every fucking time. He is the Dumbledore we deserve.


No...love is love, magic is magic, the most powerful magic of all IS CHRONOMANCY!!!


"A hero is a violent wanderer who enacts their will, bloodily and with strange magics, upon the world."


I was actually considering him as my fave because of that very moment


I always have to think about the [Dumbledore of the Tumblr comics](https://stvpvfy.tumblr.com/post/144335684340/dumbledore-bashing)


He’s awesome but Ida Aguefort is even more charming and sweet


Wally Kugritch or Ricky Matsui. They are best if friends and are just the most wholesome men in New York.


For me it’s gotta be Cody. Being from outside of the US, the sword guy, mall goth is the first unsleeping city PC that really resonated with my experiences growing up. I just GET all of the references, even if I’m not familiar with a particular game or brand. And it’s just funny as hell! Murph is killing it, Brennen surprising him (and everyone at home!) with the Questing Blade was fantastic. Even the dice are shining down on the character with amazing moments like the 69 damage finishing move, the ghost freaking out on him, etc.


Outside of the US buddies! The questing blade phenomenon was probably the funniest moment in all of D20 and one of the most shocking imo!


69? Nice. I am a bot lol.


I mean, has to be Gilear... no character consistently makes me laugh like him, greatest npc of all time imo


He is imo definitely the funniest character, too many examples to name a favourite, the way Brennan plays him is phenomenal.


Gilear is the Lunch Lad of my heart


Completely agree. Gilear has literally had me in tears.


Kingston, with Pete a close second. They're both just so cool, but the flavoring of Kingston's spells (how Brennan describes New York bending to meet his needs), and some of his lines ("Picasso is art, this is *bullshit*!" and "You stupid *motherfucker*!") make him my favorite.


I have adored every single word that's come out of Cody Walsh's mouth


I think he’s probably my favourite PC


I can’t make that judgement too quickly but he’s definitely up there, and probably Murph’s best or tied


Coming off of Kugrash, it's amazing how close Cody gets to that one. Murph really shines when making shithead characters.


Cody might need more time, but Jens Lindell from Trinyvale is my all time favorite PC.


Murph really went for the "humourously angsty/edgy" angle this season; when Bazathrax asked where he was, Cody's response of "You're home" launched my sides into orbit.


My name is Cody and Murph's character feels like a personal attack.


Chungledown Bim, I'm gonna shit in your mouth


Fabian Seacaster, solely for how well I think Lou played his character in both seasons. Both of his arcs were really interesting and I think his “fall from grace” and his comeback in sophomore year was a lot of fun to watch.


Battle sheet. Best weapon.


"Toxic masculinity is dead! I dance now" fucking ICONIC




Lapin is the G.O.A.T. but I wanna give honorable mentions to Ragh and Avernash.


Riz. Fucking. Gukgak. 'nuff said.


Woah, finally! Can't believe how far I have to scroll for this lil dude.


He's our little angel


Gotta go with Jawbone, but also need to mention that Basrar has a special place in my heart


The story he tells Adine at prom to get over her anxiety is beyond amazing


J'er'em'ih Blatant chaos and horrendous evil inside the body of an adorable and caring pet.




Great choice!


Adaine Abernant she’s the homie


A true classic!




Holy shit, Swifty. Oh my God.


He wasn’t around a ton, but as a proportion of how hard I laughed to how often the character was on screen, he definitely wins


Gorguuuug. I named a mantis after the character.


This is really hard, but I've gotten say Fig Faeth. Emily is such an OG with a chaotic-chaotic alignment and some of the best moments have come from her. The whole romance with Ayda is beyond amazing and watching the Hilda Hilda clip on YouTube never fails to make me cackle. Additionally, she continually insists that Gilead accompanies them on their deadly adventures which has led to some of the best comedic moments. Honorable mention to Adaine as the character I relate to the most, and to Ricky Matsui for being the most adorable himbo in existence.


Of All Time? Of all TIME? Ha ha! My sweet MajorPork007, surely you must know that the sheer infinite number of possible futures, with potential characters, interactions and dice rolls means that one simply could not narrow the limitless possibilities down to one singular character choice. This is... unless you have access to THE GREATEST MAGIC OF ALL... CHRONOMANCY! For so many reasons, I choose Arthur Aguefort.


Ah, a reply truly worthy of Brennan Lee Mulligan.


The best part about this thread is that each person has a different fav and everyone here is right.


Facts I’m looking at all of them and I can’t possibly decide




It's between Lilith and Leeland for me. A hot villain mom with a great rack and an undead who likes to draw? Oh yes!


I cant even approach this but I'll leave you with some of my favourites and the words that made them so endearing CHRONOMANCY!!!- Arthur Aguefort "Check it out I'm gay" - Ragh " I want a golden nest" -John Feathers "Sigh, of course"- Kraz-Thun


Lapin and it’s not even close


Zac’s voice is hilarious


Oh poo


God I wish we had more of him


I just love his really proper, sort of aloof tone with Sir Theobald. Something about Zac saying "Oh what an enormous goon you are" is just iconic.


i have a soft spot for gortholax for sure


Great choice, he’s defo in my top 10. Especially the image of him and the intrepid heroes sitting and chatting in a diner made me laugh so hard. What makes you like him?


It changes a TON depending on what season but Cody has been cracking me up lately


Sofia motherfucking Lee.


I fucking love John Feathers and I don't know why


Maybe Saccharina? Seeing Emily play a very different character in the campaign at first and then going to this impressed the hell out of me. She has the range.


So true, I’ve been watching College Humour since the beginning and her acting and charisma have always been insane!


Even if she is sort of a minor figure, there is something so hilarious about Brennan's portrayal of Keldriel, the librarian witch. And Avanash. He plays truly insane characters in such a fun way. Lilith: Haven't you heard the drums? Keldriel: *I hear the drums all the time...* Efink: Aw, but that's just you, right? --------------------- Avanash: *chuckling* What are you, a river? *HELP!*


Sofia... Or Cody. I just love Murph and Emily and everything D&D related they both do. Also I have lots of family from New Jersey and Staten Island. Both those character just make me think of them.


didnt see anyone mention Jack Brakkow from PoL so ill mention him, the moment after the bath where he accepts that he deserves love and to feel well hit me so hard


Ugh this is a hard decision. I think I need to out Fig in the top spot, but it's a *really* close race. I just strive to achieve Emily's level of chaos. Her Hilda Hilda and Dr. Keller personas are just incredible


Baron from the Baronies because they are both hilarious and fucking horrifying at the same time


‘Ragh will not stay with Fathethrieeeel’. Cracked me up.


For me it's Ayda Agueford, I relate a lot to her, plus all the Fig and Ayda scenes are just too adorable


I’m glad you’ve found a character to identify with and they are my favourite couple!




I love Amethar so much, he's one of my favorite characters to write and draw and he manages to survive despite everything he's been through. Him rising from the ground after falling from the castle, the final battle with Calroy, his jokes during battle in the early episodes... It's all perfect!


Cody. Fuck you wheres your sword.


Jawbone, easily


King Amythar Rocks. He's just so tragic 😭


I mean it's gotta be Ayda Aguefort! Black autistic lesbian of my heart! Truly one of the most important characters of all time! The way she is super smart but very insecure, but only in social situations, she never doubts her magical capabilities and the way she is so straightforward and just says things that a more neurotypical person would probably not you know? Once the contract (and honestly that contract makes me smile so much, it's so cute!!) is signed and she is sure she won't be made fun of, she is just there. 100% full speed ahead, no holdbacks. I just love her, she is so brave and so vulnerable and funny! I wish there were more characters like her.


I have a soft spot for all of Zac's characters. He's great at creating characters that are incredibly badass and adorably wholesome at the same time. The first Dimension 20 thing I ever saw was the 'Are you my dad?' compilation (I was just getting into D&D at the time) and it's what convinced me to watch in the first place. I'm also absolutely loving Ricky this season and his relationship with Cody lmao


Cody Nightangel Walsh the New Jersey Fucking Devil babyyyyy


Amethar, Ricky, and Gorgug are my guys


King Amethar of the House Rocks, first of his name Sovereign Ruler of Candia and the Sugarlands Duke of Cookieshire Protector of the realm Bannerman of the Battle of Gumdrop Pass Hero of Frosting Valley The Unfallen


Definitely Gilear Nothing stops Gilear. He's a squishy, breakable juggernaut. Runners Up -The Identify Spell -Cubby the the anarchic halfling -Gorgug -The door trolls


Oh God I CANT! Adaine has been one of my very favorite and most emotional PCs. I just love her so much. But like. Do I love her more than Sofia? More than Kristen? More than Jawbone? More than Kugrash?????? I think the answer is maybe yes I think that Adaine is my fave


Top 3 (equal) Kingston Brown Adaine Abernant Caldroy Cruller


Thinking about Calroy still gives me chills


Seriously. I’m still like “That fucking guy” That campaign was so emotionally gripping lol


i still think about that flashback where he "agrees" with Jet, and *fuck*


Probably Lapin Cadbury with Theobold Gumbar at a close second


Very few things, if any, on the internet has given me so much enjoyment as the whole interaction with Avanash from blood keep.


Bean from Tiny Heist, I especially love his interactions with the Grasscoppers


Gotta be Cody, just so fucking funny.


I have to say Ruby. She experiences a *lot* of character growth throughout the campaign, and watching her >!lose Jet!< and attempt to >!reconcile with another sister figure!< were some of the few things that made me very impressed with Siobhan's take on the character.


There are a lot but im gonna go with Swifty. No other character has made me laugh so hard


i’m a bit of an emily fangirl so i’d say all of hers, especially sofia and fig, but i’ll always have a soft spot for gilear and kugrash too. tbh i’m kinda an ally fangirl too, so i really adore all of their characters too.


Sophia Lee, its really hard to pick amongst the Unsleeping City cast but her arc is amazing. The chosen one scene in season 1 is just so great. After that it would be Fabian cause his arc hit deep, and then Ayda Aguefort for her characterization


Adaine’s Character arc was so fascinating to watch, and when Jawbone gave her adoption papers at the end FH S2, I could not stop crying.


YAGDASH! But yeah i cannot decide, any Character that lets Brennan Flex really.


Bro bro. Kingston Brown from uptown my fellow nerds. He just wants the best for New York and I love his personality.


It’s so hard to pick, but I gotta shout out to Fabian Aramaris Seacaster


Gilear. So many quotes that send me flying into hysterical laughter.




So hard to choose between Gorgug and Cody, I think Gorgug has to be the right answer. He played the are you my father so well When he yells "Father? stop this this!" At kalvaxis I die every time haha


In terms of PC's: Kristen was a character who meant a lot to me because watching her dumbass come to terms with her own sexuality made me a lot more comfortable with my sexuality, so much so that when i finished season 1 of Fantasy High, i came out to my own father. In terms of NPC's: Bill Seacater it has always been Bill and wil always be Bill, i quote him basically daily and i aspire to be like him, he is the perfect evolution of man and he is incomparable to any other character. Honourable mentions include: Every member of the bad kids because they all have helped me in their own unique ways, the entire Cubby family, Johnny Spells, Leiland from Escape From The Bloodkeep, Sofie Bikes, Pizza Rat, Ragh Barkrock and of course every single other character in the D20 universe who isn't Biz Glitterdew, i love this show to pieces


So my favorites in general have to be... BLM: Ayda AND Gilear. I can't choose between them. Lou: Kingston Brown (From Uptown) Ally: Pete Sioban: Adaine Emily: Sophia Lee Zac: Gorgug Murph: Cody My personal favorite though has to be Kristen Applebees. I mean, the conversation with coach Daybreak sold me. Not to mention Kristen really coming in clutch at critical moments.


Those nat 20s, insane.


Swifty. Brennan obviously has so much fun playing him.


Liam Wilhelmina, followed closely by Calroy Cruller, Bill Seacaster, and Ricky Matsui


Amathar the unbroken, the unfallen. He has without a doubt some of my fav moments in all of D20. The fall, the revenge everything is just soo good


Honestly, Calroy is such a banger character. Especially with those HOT pants


Ugh this is too hard. But I think I'm going to go with Pok Gukgak. I truly love that whole family. Playing a goblin now inspired by them.


It's a tie between Bill Seasalter and Aguefort. In fact, one of my NPCs in my own campaign was heavily inspired by Aguefort.


If I can’t choose Hilda Hilda, then I choose Efink Murderdeath (her first name is knife backwards)


Obviously it's Hilda Hilda But seriously I think it may be Queen Saccharina. King Amethar is very high too simply b because he REALLY lived up to his freaking title


I have 5 that I can't choose from: Baron, Gilear, Rick Diggins, Bud Cubby or Steven Sonnedheim


It's Kugrash babyyyyyyyyyyyy


It has been said but it is a tough call between Gilear and Bill Seacaster. I think Bill has the edge just with the chaotic energy he brings. If I added on a PC separately.... also hard... But currently watching TUC and have to go with Kingston Brown.


I love Caramelinda and ALL of the pcs from crown of candy


Definitely influenced by my love of Crown of Candy, but Liam Wilhelmina of House Jawbreaker and >!his sweet little sip of milk!< Duchess Primsy Coldbottle are two of my absolute favorites. Liam's social ineptitude and shyness and lack of confidence in the beginning transforming into a hardened, violent war guy back to a kind and self-secure seed guy represents one of my favorite bouts of character growth in the series. Likewise, seeing Primsy become more self confident and becoming a "strong independent woman" made me so happy. I also adore Lapin and King Amethar from the same season, Car-Go Jones from Tiny Heist, and Gorgug from Fantasy High.


Literally anyone Lou plays is GOD Tier, but if we are talking about NPCs then Gilear or Bill Seacaster.


***RAGH.*** 200% RAGH. aside from his interactions being everywhere from sweet to hilarious (and usually both), he does genuinely mean a lot to me as a surprisingly realistic depiction of a gay man. he's just some dumb buff guy who starts out as a bit character for the bad kids to kill, but he finds out he's gay, and that's portrayed as a *good* thing, and he grows as a person because of the introspection that causes. it also helps that unlike 80% of gay representation, he isn't thin or conventionally attractive-- his art pretty blatantly depicts him as kinda fat. .......... also he's REALLY endearing and funny. did i mention he's really endearing and funny? he's really endearing and funny. "i put on mass like CRAZY" and "YOU A COP?" always send me into a fit


1. Lapin for best intrigue, backstory, and character depth 2. Any Lou character for best heart/style 3. Adaine for best family struggles, forgiveness arc, and mental health struggles 4. Madam Anastasia for best background and non-standard archetype and embodying tradition and reformation. 5. Captain Jack for best personal journey and *self*-forgiveness 6. Gorgug for best parental exploration, and awkward teen. 7. Early Kristen for best moral centre. 8. Kugrash for best off-screen redemption 9. Riz for introversion, geekiness, dedication, and awesome spy stuff. 10. Fig for rebellion and comic relief 11. Leiland for dignity marred by sheer tragic fortune. 12. Bob for optimism, charisma, and innocence.


It has to be my man Kingston, followed by Aelwyn Abernant and Arthur Aguefort


Wally Clause obviously. He started out as a joke and now is one if the most powerful and well known characters in cannon.


Probably Gilear. I absolutely can't get enough of his brand of existential dread.


I’m 100% team kugrash. Murph doing the Hairy baby dance has to be one of my all time fav moments


Kingston. He's everything we all wish we could be.


Riz Gukgak for sure!!! Love his storyline!!