Does dropout have subtitles?

Does dropout have subtitles?


[Brennan does a pretty solid train impression] might be the best closed caption I've ever seen.


Which video is this on?


I think it's the first or second episode of mice and murder.


Nice, thanks!


It does have Closed Caption but you need to turn it on. It has the same interface as YouTube. Also it only has English.


It does!


thanks :)


Yeah it does, and they’re really good quality ones (at least the times I’ve used them).


There are some really fun captions re: non-spoken behaviors and the like, but it’s still wild to me how often some of the captions are just flat-out wrong. Whoever they outsource that job to does well but there’s definitely room for improvement.


Yeah, I feel for the subtitle person. Having to caption all this completely new fantasy names and places has to be tricky.


It’s not really that, there are some very normal English words that they sometimes miss. I’m not complaining, it’s just an interesting juxtaposition to see some very informed, humorous subtitles over what’s going on at the table and what-not and then have some very easy words get missed


Captions are outsourced actually, which is why they're so horrible (at least in the first few seasons). Complaints have prompted them to do proofreading before episode premieres in the more recent seasons though, and now they double check with Brennan/Aabria on spellings to make sure they're correct! I believe there's also an effort to re-do some of the newer ones too to correct them, and there's even a channel in the discord where you can submit corrections!


Oh yeah I forgot to mention in my own comment that Fantasy High subs are...eeehhh but by the end of Unsleeping City the dropout ones Bea the YouTube ones.


Also worth noting that the Dimension 20 fan wiki has transcripts of their own, available here, which usually correct typos and such. https://dimension20.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_Transcripts


Thanks, its a done deal then


They have some really good descriptive subtitles, sometimes tho, especially newer things, there are often mistakes. Caption people mistaken uncommon words for someone that sounds similar but isn’t the right thing, honestly any mistakes will probably be fixed with context clues and they have a caption correction page on their discord so I think they’re very active in trying to keep it as good as possible. It ain’t perfect, but it’s better than a lot of places.


They are surprisingly good quality, aren't they? There's even some hidden jokes in some of them.


Yes. I’m a subscriber and they tend to be well curated, too. And when I’ve seen them find mistakes before or not have captions quite ready yet by a show’s premiere, they communicate clearly and fix the issue promptly. Good stuff.


It is BONKERS to me that someone downvoted this comment but didn't say why. What is going on with this sub??? Like, if you'd written something incorrect, the person who downvoted you could tell us. Instead people are going around disincentivizing others from contributing at all, I don't get it.


Dropout DOES have subtitles, but full disclosure they are sometimes incorrect.


Dropout *does* have subtitles, but as a note, you can also subscribe by joining the Collegehumor Youtube channel, and you'll get access to all Dropout videos as soon as they release, and within the Youtube interface.


The subtitles are ‘fun’ which makes them difficult to for me to use sometimes :(


Yes but they get things wrong a lot


Dropout actually has better synced subtitles than the YouTube videos do.


Yes they do have captions! I think early seasons were automated, but post college humor breakup, I think they have hired people to do it manually and the captions are now more accurate and funnier!