Is jurota an idiot?

Is jurota an idiot?


As a giant Jurota fan I do agree he should have used his groundwork for offense, all he did was react to Hayami's holds instead of putting him in any real holds/chokes. Purg rules don't even prevent ground grappling either since we saw Okubo choke out Terashi. Ig you can rationalize it as him using only throws and nothing else but that doesn't sit right with me so maybe it's just a case like Misasa's silat where not all of the martial art is shown cause Sandro didn't include it? ~~Or Sandro couldn't think of a scenario where Hayami escapes a hold from someone as skilled as Jurota and obviously couldn't have the fight end with Hayami being choked out~~


Jurota went for side control, but disengaged after Hayami menaged to throw him from that position. He probably acknowledged he didn't have such big advantage on the ground as standing.


Yeah that’s true, the fight was used to drive home fighter compatibility for the first time in omega, it would make sense to not have him use it, you could potentially argue he didn’t because of pride like with fang, he’d been waiting to o fight him for years, I think he may have wanted to only throw to prove how strong he is, and I’m sure hayami being totally fine made him all the more willing to only throw because he never failed before


Probably he is not that level in the groundwork because if you think about it he practiced all years just himself without a partner you cannot make inroads in ground grappling.


People are dumb about this Manga judo is based off of sports Judo, and becomes a throwing art, compared to BJJ's grappling focus. This isn't new, it isn't like Meguro was using rear naked chokes or anything. Same with other manga. Judo = throwing in these stories


I mean he would be way too strong like that you go to punch jurota and the next thing you know is that you are on the ground being choked out so maybe it was a way to nerf him giving him only the swing


I kinda only care because I want to debate him better, and he is a JUDO master, he has to know these things, and honestly after one throw most people are done anyway, but with A list purgatory guys, you’d assume he’d want to go immediately into a hold, I know follow ups are prevented, but you can still grapple


You are right he should and knows these but i think sandro wrote him like that to nerf him because swing into choke would just be downright broken. Or maybe he just didn't do it because he wanted to enjoy his fight with boy M. Maybe in future fights he will show much more.


Because his groundwork is not as op as his throw. I even think Masaki is better.


I would say that he’s all around better, he got out of hayami hold with ease, and no one commented on that, I did think of the same thing, but honestly the only thing I can think of was Sandro wanted hayami to win, and making it seem like jurota can’t win because he can only throw was kinda silly but, we can assume jurota was hype to fight him and he wanted to prove he was better by only throwing


Because we all know Jurota is only used to attacking the turtle.


Cause it wouldnt be as fun to read


OMG why didn't Sandro think of googling judo???


He just focus on his throw. He is not idiot, Sandro create him to make look Hayami strong in a very short amount of time. That's all.