195lbs 1RM Squat

195lbs 1RM Squat


Treat the unrack and the squat execution as two separate techniques that involve its own attention to detail. For the unrack: 1. Set the rack placement 1 setting lower - you shouldn’t have to tip toe the weight up. Doing so can make you more prone to injury 2. Unrack with two of your feet under the bar, with your feet being shoulder width apart and not one in front of the other 3. Take a deep breath under the bar and hold your breath as you walk out to maintain the tightness in your set up 4. Keep your shoulder blades pinched together 5. Try to take as little as two steps back to get to your squat setup. Anything more will use up more energy Squat execution: 1. Take the time to reset before squatting 2. With a high bar, you’ll get a more tight and strong setup by bringing your elbows more forward 3. Take a deep breath and embrace your core before sitting down, maintaining your holding of breath through the entire rep until you reach the top again to exhale (look up valsava maneuver). If you’re using a belt, the method of breathing may be more akin to embracing in a way where your core is pushing against the belt. 4. Similar to #1, take a bit more extra time to rack it after you squat- looks like you jump the gun a little bit and start walking before you reach the top Can’t tell if those are oly shoes by the video. If they’re normal running shoes with the gel in them - ditch them. Switch to flat shoes (converse/vans), barefoot, or Olympic shoes to drive against the floor. Using shoes with gels in them can cause instability - like squatting on a mattress


Just a tip: you don't need to flare your elbows up that high. Especially not with a highbar squat. You look like you would do good with a lowbar squat. Also, I feel like you could actually do much more that 195 if you execute properly, considering the fact that you went up, then started going down, then still made it up. Just gonna need a few technique and form fixes, and you'll be good for 2 plates!


just a tip, try correcting your walkout, this will save energy, take one step behind you and then with the other foot go stand in your squat position and maybe if needed correct your squat position. u got this bro 2 plate squat soon


\-Try to keep your elbows pointing down in line with your torso angle. Grip the bar tight like you're trying to bend it and Keep your back muscles engaged. \-Take a big breath through your mouth and flex your abs. \-Squeeze your glutes and keep them squeezed. \-Push your feet outwards like you're trying screw them into the floor to pre-activate all your leg muscles. Do all of the above before you start the squat and keep it that way. You will feel much stronger.


Nice work man! I’ve recently gotten a tip on fixing my squat form, which was very similar to yours here, and may save your back down the line: you don’t want to overdramatize the curve in your back or come too far forward with your chest (excessive lumbar extension, which for me came from overdoing it trying to stay away from the infamous butt wink/rounded back). It places unnecessary/excessive weight on the lumbar spine. Keep up the great work.


You’re wobbling all over. Doesn’t look safe tbh. I would say stay away from maxing and focus on stable base and core throughout by doing a cookie cutter linear progression beginner routine with reps in the 4-8 range per set Build up your core strength and overall muscle and power base. Use good form and be in it for the long game. Don’t go maxing out like this until you’ve really got your strength base and form locked in. I suggest you Lower the weight a lot and post another form video


One more thing. I suggest you do away with the belt until you develop out your core strength a lot more. Add in the belt once you’re getting really big and strong and want to max out without tiring out your back. At your current strength and muscle level you’d be better served to lift without the belt to allow the lift to work the muscles more