I just discovered the Seymour Valley Trailway, are there any other bike roads similar to this?

I just discovered the Seymour Valley Trailway, are there any other bike roads similar to this?


I love that it was just hilly enough for a novice like me to be challenged but not intimidated. I went on a busy Saturday and it was still really chill. Also loved not having to worry about cars AT ALL. Are there any other paved bike trails like this elsewhere in the lower mainland?


I hope there are. I love this spot too!! I wish it were longer. It's such a beautiful spot with an amazing pay off. I really hope others have hook ups for locations similar to this. Sorry I don't have anything useful to contribute except to say I wholeheartedly agree!


Does anyone worry about bears or mountain lions going on those backwoods trails? I know I’m probably being ridiculous, but there’s been a few times riding out there alone that I felt I was being watched or something. I’m sure the chances of an animal attack are very minuscule, but does anyone bring bear spray or any deterrents? I worry about getting a flat, turning my back to the woods for 15 while I fix it, and something getting me 😂. Only animal attack I’ve had at Seymour was getting hit in the back of the head, looking around confused, and then seeing a very angry grouse jumping at me defending its nest.


It's not uncommon to see black bears eating berries on the sides of the paved trail in the demo forest!


I have seen bears on multiple occasions while riding along the trailway. Every time they literally ran away into the woods when they heard/saw me coming.


Same here. I've been there twice and once I had to return after I saw no humans for 5 minutes and felt like I was being watched


Not so much during the day. Enough traffic to keep them away. I've seen the occasional curious bear at a distance... I've walked the entire trail geocaching and my only fear really was it started to get dark and bats were everywhere.


I haven't personally encountered bears on the paved trail, but have on the parallel gravel (Fisherman's) but seeing bears on the paved wouldn't be surprising. There's a ton in that area.


I’ve seen bears off to the side of the trail too, although on one occasion I was coming back down and there were was a huge group of people stopped on the trail - a bear had decided to take a nap right in the middle and they were waiting for the conservation officer to shoo him back into the forest! I’ve seen deer up there too. Never seen a cougar, just the sign warning of them!


not quite paved but the boundary bay dyke trail is pretty easy gravel. no hills though, just a scenic cruise


To add to this you can then take the south side watershed trail to planet ice/Fraser bridge area from mud bay (about 1km of quite road to get to next trail). You can turn this into a nice big loop along river road. Think it’s about a 50 km loop with about 40km being on trails.


Fwiw this is why I (and every cyclist i know) prefer gravel bike over road bike - a lot more car free options, and if you're willing to drive for 1-2 hours before the ride then you get yourself anything from an overnight trip to several days loop with vast majority of any route being car free


Could you please share some of the routes you’re talking about?


Would love to hear some of you routes 👀


Check this out: https://www.reddit.com/r/vancouvercycling/comments/pok0os/i_just_discovered_the_seymour_valley_trailway_are/hd07dn6/


Seems like they deleted your original response. :(


Dyke trails in Poco, Pitt Meadows and Richmond are good too, though some pedestrians


Squamish valley campground. Not as safe as this one as there is blind spots around corners i will worry from drivers not paying attention. But scenery is as good and beautiful payoff at the end


Kettle Valley